Managing Leased Properties the Robust way

Robust Property Maintenance to the rescue. We often get tenants contact us with vermin issues which is big worry and concern to them. What we find is often bad quality workmanship left around plumbing services exposing opes that allow vermin in.

As you can see there is clear access routes for mice and other more worrying furry friends to enter. There is mice droppings along the run and large cavities exposed. The fix of cardboard is not the Robust way.

We checked every opening and made sure to fill and repair the holes. This was in addition to laying some traps internally and externally. An issue of smells can arise if vermin are decompose in walls or under floor boards. We can remove and replace floors or panels as required to solve this. This can led to expensive repairs which if good quality workmanship is present would be avoided in the first instance


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