handyman to assemble ikea furniture dublin

Furniture Assembly

Looking for some new storage or furniture assembled. Robust can pick up deliver and assemble any furniture you require.

If you have ever attempted to put together a large wardrobe yourself you will realise that it is no easy task. Take the wardrobe in the picture below. The weight is 80kg and the doors will not fit in a standard car. Please note also these pieces need to be attached with a bracket to the wall so ensure they do not fall over.

large wardrobe assembly
Large wardrobe assembly

Extra storage or new furniture

Let us know what you thinking in regards storage or furniture and we can help you achieve that. One of the best options and most cost effective is to book us in for a few pieces and any other carpentry work you need done. Then you can get all these small DIY jobs complete in a day.

What your plans, let us know