Don’t Neglect your Extractor Fan!

Extractor fan are essential, yes essential to the fabric of buildings. Without extractor fans you would get moisture build up which would led to mould as we worryingly found before.

Often extractor are present but not working or the motors have blown on them. Please don’t neglect this issue. You will cause damage to your home or apartment and can allow toxic mould to develop.

There range from the very cheap at 17 euro to 100 euro for 100H BATHROOM HUMIDISTAT fan, both are Compliant with Part F of the Building Regulations. Part F is the  Technical Guidance Document on Ventilation.


Some rooms have fixed louvre vents, these are vented naturally from the environment. Some have a closer to open or close the louvre vents. These are equally important items of ventilation in a house, they are known as passive ventilation.

To summarise check extractor is working and if not get a new one installed immediately.

If you require a tradesman to install one contact Robust for a free quote.


Washing Machine Not Draining

One of the reoccurring maintenance issues we get is for problem washing machines. This can often be fixed by undertaking a few simple steps. At Robust we want to help and if we think there is a simple remedy for the homeowner  we try and give it to them.
So if you have a query ring us or email us for some advice.

Here is an excellent self help video from Hotpoint that we recommend as a simple step one check if your washing machine is not draining.

How to remove and clean your washing machine pump filter

The basic premise is if water is not draining from the machine then the likelihood is that something is stuck in the filter. This should help as it has solved many a problem washing machine for us with water draining on the next cycle.

Hopes this helps and if you are still stuck please contact us- Robust