As an alternative to paint or tiling in a bathroom cladding is a very good option. Especially in bathrooms as it does not suffer some of the issues associated with traditional systems. Just paint is far from ideal as it not only gets dirty but in a shorts space of time can experience mould growth. Tiles are more expensive than paint yet they are an attractive addition to a bathroom yet they still don’t offer protection from all issues. Grout and tiles themselves can allow mould growth and become difficult to treat and clean.

Cladding is a tough and hygienic addition to your home. Cleaning cladding is so much easier than traditional systems.

Cladding for Wet Rooms

Bathroom cladding is an excellent substitute for traditional tiling. Cladding ensures your bathroom will be more hygienic, easier to clean and less vulnerable to germs.
Cladding is water resistant and this makes it ideal for for use in areas where moisture is prominent, such as bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms. 
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