Some recent Renovation Works

Robust has recently been working on some properties that needed some works to bring them up to a better standard prior to displaying them for sale.

We can undertake all works needed on the property.

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Calgary Walnut Wooden Floors

Wooden Floors are one of the many jobs Robust are very good at. We have a lot of experience from residential units to entire offices we can supply, fit and lay the floors.

It is important to note the price can vary on if you want a standard 8mm laminate with standard underlay or you want a thicker and higher quality floor.

For example the picture below has a 12mm laminate, Calgary Walnut with whisper gold underlay. Cheaper options than this are available but this is a very good product and will provide years of Robust wear.

wooden floors
wooden floors

If you are considering changing from carpet or lino please discuss you requirements with us and we will transform your old floor into something special. Remember wooden floors are easy to clean and healthy as they don’t create dust or hold dirt like carpets do.
Contact Robust to discuss your floor today.




tax deductions for property maintenance

Allowable Property maintenance tax deductions

Landlords often mention that most of their rental income is actually paid in taxes. What are your options to both improve your property and limit your tax bill?

All work done by Robust Property maintenance can be deducted from your rental income tax bill. You can write off Robust’s invoiced cost as an expense. This is subject to some rules of course but basically all our services would be considered allowable deductions.

This is what Revenue say are allowable deductions from rental income in regards property maintenance expenditure deductions:
• maintenance of the property, e.g. cleaning and general servicing, exterior and interior
painting and decorating,
• repairs, (a ‘repair’ means the restoration of an asset by replacing subsidiary parts of the
whole asset). Examples of common repairs which are normally deductible in computing
rental income include:
1. damp and rot treatment,
2. mending broken windows, doors, furniture and machines,
3. replacing roof slates.

The full text and details are available here and in revenue leaflet IT70.

Save money on your taxes
Save Money on your taxes

What expenses can I write off my rental income?

Remember you can’t  actually claim a deduction for your own labour. So any work you undertake yourself will not be tax deductible.

Save yourself time and money today by getting your property maintenance done the Robust way.