Calgary Walnut Wooden Floors

Wooden Floors are one of the many jobs Robust are very good at. We have a lot of experience from residential units to entire offices we can supply, fit and lay the floors.

It is important to note the price can vary on if you want a standard 8mm laminate with standard underlay or you want a thicker and higher quality floor.

For example the picture below has a 12mm laminate, Calgary Walnut with whisper gold underlay. Cheaper options than this are available but this is a very good product and will provide years of Robust wear.

wooden floors
wooden floors

If you are considering changing from carpet or lino please discuss you requirements with us and we will transform your old floor into something special. Remember wooden floors are easy to clean and healthy as they don’t create dust or hold dirt like carpets do.
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Moisture Problems

Robust is currently tackling two jobs with moisture and condensation issues.

We have a medium portable dehumidifier running in a one bed apartment currently with mould issues. The display on the dehumidifier shows the current room humidity. The reading above is 72. Range goes from 0-100. The ideal range for rooms is 40-50. Hence the indicator is showing 72 is high moisture.

Mould and high moisture:

The higher the more humid and the more moisture. This moisture allows mould to grow and makes the room damp and musty.

We plan on seeing how much moisture we can remove from the small room and also will the humidity be possible to lower or will the dehumidifier need be left on to tackle the problem.


Here is the amount of water removed over the course of a weekend, the compartment filled to the top. As you can see it full to the overflow cut off point. This is the magnetic connection to cut off this unit, a good feature.

Water Collected in Dehumidifer, remove moisture from rooms
Water Collected in Dehumidifer

The humidity levels are being reduced from high 80’s down to 60. Following moisture removal it is a good time to tackle a mould treatment and application of new durable paint.

There is also the industrial option as shown below, this would remove moisture quicker.

Industrial Dehumidifer
Industrial Dehumidifer

Whatever your concern or issue in regards moisture is don’t delay- Contact Robust today for a quote


Insurance Repair Dublin

Insurance Repairs Dublin

During the winter our homes are exposed to driving wind, heavy rains, snow and frost. This can often exacerbate a problem with your property leading to a failure in one of the elements. A common one is roof tiles coming loose or burst pipes. Both need swift repair and are very stressful to the property owner to deal with. In addition there is an unfortunate increase in the amount of burglaries this time of year. This results in call-outs to repair broken windows and doors.
Robust Property Maintenance is well placed to handle all your insurance related repairs and claims. We will itemise the works and provide you with a breakdown of the costs.
We can use this to get your property restored to its former glory quickly and to the highest standard.
Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Roofing  Property repairs whatever your  insurance property repairs and maintenance requirements are for Dublin city we can cover that.
Property Insurance repairs Dublin
Property Insurance repairs Dublin

Get your property restored and have a full invoice available to bill your insurance for the works. Take the pressure off dealing with all the tradesmen contact Robust today for a full breakdown.