what insulation best

What Insulation should I use?

Insulate, insulate and insulate some more is good advice this time of year with dropping temperatures and rising energy bills. Yet the choice, method of application and numerous other factors are critical in dictating your choice of insulation.

Some companies that specialize in blown or pumped insulation swear by their products for all applications when in reality one size fits all rule doesn’t apply.

For example in your attic or roof space would you choose a Composite foil board,  a Rafterloc 125mm, or consider pumped insulation or just some glass mineral wool ??

It’s important to consult the Technical Guidance Documents on the matter to meet the regulations. The guides  are quite detailed and an installer often may not be aware of the rules and guide lines to best meet a buildings requirements.

building regs confusion
Confused on building regulations?

This is where Robust comes into play, we will review your requirements and choose the best products. So if you have a cold attic space we will review and decide whether some wool insulation is ideal or whether we would apply a rigid board.

Sure warm up and ask us for a quote


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