mould growth on skirting boards

Mould on Walls

How do I remove Mould?

Robust has put together some of the information we have gathered in regards the difficult and dangerous problem of mould. You can use this advice to clear up your apartment, your house or your rental property. Queries on how do I tackle damp patches and mould patches is a very common question.

Robust recommend:

  1. Prepare the property and yourself by using the correct tools and PPE for the job
  2. Use a Mould Killer such as Ronseals. Follow the instructions carefully. Once clean let dry
  3. When clean and dry apply an anti-mould paint such as Ronseals
Mould killer spray and paint
Mould killer spray and paint

What is important to note is that normal paint will not suffice for the problem. Anti mould paint usually costs 25 euro a litre which is up to 4 times the price of standard paint. Anti Mould paint Example or Fleetwood Anti Mould Paint

Other good Mould products we recommend.

Some other options and products for Mould and Mildew: Mould and Mildew cleaner from the Krud Kuttter range. Paint choice of Zinsser Perma White, this is a waterbased paint that will prevent any mould re-appearing. Use these two products you should remove the Mould and Mildew and hopefully stop them appearing again. Mould Paint is best applied as as top coat.

Mould in apartment
Mould on walls

The most important step is to get the work done by a knowledgeable professional   so don’t delay and contact Robust today for a full breakdown.

Please remember we won’t be purchasing the cheap options here but the expensive treatment options and paints to ensure the job only is done once and not a patch job.

Any thing else we can help you with?


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